If you have a pool or spa, you need to get it inspected!

About Cordon Pool Safety Inspections

Cordon Pool Safety Inspections will provide a professional service for your pool and spa barrier compliance needs. Our mission is to ensure that you and your family are safe when it comes to access to swimming pool and spa areas in the home.

Victorian legislation now requires all swimming pools and spas to be registered with local council. Pool and spa owners must also have their safety barriers inspected every four years by a registered practitioner.  You must provide your local council with a certificate of barrier compliance.

Cordon Pool Safety Inspections are fully accredited, insured and registered with the Victorian Building Authority. We are a friendly and responsive team that will work with you to achieve safety barrier compliance with minimal fuss.

Just pick up the phone, send an email or click on our booking button to get the process started. If you require further information, click on some helpful links within our website to help streamline the process for you.

Dean and Jamie look forward to hearing from you!

Our Process

1. Register

Your pool or spa with your local council. Your council will send you a letter of registration which will state the date of construction of your pool or spa and the applicable standard that it must comply with.

2. Contact

Cordon Pool Safety Inspections to inspect your pool or spa. We will issue you with a certificate of compliance on the same day or provide a comprehensive report on issues which need to be rectified.

3. Lodge

Your certificate of compliance with your local council

Our Pricing

Initial Compliance Inspection

(Includes One Re-Inspection)

$249 inc. GST

Comprehensive inspection by a registered and insured pool inspector

Issue of a Certificate of Compliance if the barrier is compliant

Detailed report including photographs with an assessment of the barrier if not compliant

Suggested rectification works if required

Debrief of the assessment report in person or by phone

* You will have 60 days to rectify any non-compliant issues with your pool/spa barrier.

If a third inspection is required (after rectification works completed)

$50 inc. GST

* You will have 7 days to complete the works after the barrier is re-inspected.

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